20 Reasons I Love: Travelling

20 Feb

As things have started to slow and we relax into a routine again, my mind is often drifiting back to our time on the road, and where to next. There are so many amazing reasons to travel and so I wrote this – 20 things I love about travelling. I can hardly wait to get back out there…

1. Time to clear your mind
2. Meeting new people – we used Air BnB for our trip and met so many locals
3. Immersing yourself in history
4. (If travelling with someone) Making stronger friendships
5. New food discoveries
6. Crazy stories (like border crossings and overnight bus trips)
7. Learning new things – like Spanish
8. Watching movies and being able to say “I’ve been there!”
9. Forming your own opinions about a place
10. Seeing places in person that you’ve only seen in photos

11. Documenting your trip and looking back on it
12. Experiencing different cultures and their values
13. Gaining an understanding of other religions and traditions
14. Wandering ancient buildings and pondering on their original magnitude
15. Understanding cultural differences and why they are beautiful
16. Seeing interesting wildlife in their natural habitat
17. Waking up knowing exploring will be the only work you’ll do today
18. Having to think on your feet and sometimes fast
19. Creating new memories that you will treasure forever
20. Being in the moment

I hope you have been out there and made some memories for yourself. All these photos have been taken on our trip and you can see more over here.