Colour Me: Pink Black and Oh-So-Fab

20 Aug

Minä Perhonen is a Japanese fashion label that creates timeless fabrics and textiles. I’m so inspired by this print at the moment, that when I stumbled upon the Blackbird and The Owl clutch, which matched PERFECTLY, I just had to create a colour post around it. I hope you have a colourful week ahead.

Clutch - BlackbirdAndTheOwl / Rings – A Merry Mishap /
Scarf - AnatolianAccessories / Necklace - AllnaandT / Shoes - Melissa + Jason Wu Jean Cutout Flats / Photo here

  • Haylz

    Just thought I’d pop my head in and tell you how much I’m loving your blog. Srsly, great work. Also, little Frankie looks like the cuddliest little man ever!

    • admin

      thanks so much for your kind words, and your sweet post about my blog. LOVE you cute little bun too! What a name!!!

  • Jessie

    Pink & black is one of my favourite colour combos – maybe its a little hangover from watching Grease too many times as a kid & wishing I had one of the Pink Ladies jackets? Love this series Kirsty – so fun!

    • admin

      OOOh that explains so much! It was a Grease hangover that really inspired this :)