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What I Made

18 Mar

This being creative thing is WAYYY too fun. At the moment I’m working at a craft store, which proving to be VERY bad for my bank account and saving plan, but I’ve had some great fun with painting, making clocks, bracelets and even arm knitting. Yep, the company I work for recently posted this video on how to make an infinity scarf using your arms and some wool.

Also, what do you think of this wall clock? Wondering if maybe I should make some more – put them on Etsy perhaps?

And this is all just a glimpse of my obsessive compulsive making addiction. Creating soothes my soul, keeps my hands busy and helps me feel productive. Allows me to say “look what I made” – and how fun is it to say that?

I Love Etsy Finds

13 Mar

I don’t know about you, but I find Etsy Treasuries a little dull. I know that sounds a bit harsh, but I find that sometimes the display is uninspiring and the themes can be a bit cheesy.

What I am loving though, is the Etsy Finds emails. They are true to their name – they really find some gold and I relish my daily dose of craftiness from them. So I thought why not share the amazing things that I find through endless clicking. Here’s my latest “loves”.

Images + links // Datter Industries // Marinski Handmades //  Handy Maiden

New Products

11 Feb

Just before Christmas last year we made some super cute new additions to the So Little Time Co. family. After months of drawing and sketching new ideas, these babies came to life and have been flying off the shelves ever since.

The inspiration came from all sorts of places. From cute characters, Christmas inspiration, tasty morsels and the things that dreams are made of, we hoped that these new items would spice up our range and add a whole bunch of variety to the ever popular earrings. We really wanted to test out layering and have a bit of fun with it, and as such the cake brooch, rocket necklace and turtle necklace are all multi-layered. How exciting!

You’ve probably seen them on our Facebook page already, but what is a blog without an update on it’s products right? You can see more of our range on our Etsy page.

Organise Me Pretty Please

15 Aug

I’m a total organisation addict – and I always feel a need to spruce up my desk. I think these pieces would add plenty of organisation and fun to my desk/office.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

How To: Dipped Pastel Wooden Bracelets

10 Aug

So I’m guessing by now you can see a theme to this week. I guess I’ve just been so inspired by these amazing sunsets we’ve had this week – I’m convinced that is the origin of pastel ombre. This week I found an old wooden bracelet in the back of my cupboard, and decided the hideous zebra pattern on it needed to go. This bracelet need a new life, and so I sanded and made a DIY out of it. The two larger bracelets are from Spotlight, and are just $3.99 each.

Things You’ll Need:

* Acrylic Paint – I mixed the colours myself for these, but you can choose whichever colour you like.
* Paintbrush
* Masking tape / Washi Tape
* Wooden bracelet – you can recycle old ones like I have, or grab some cheap ones from Spotlight or Lincraft

Make It:

1. Measure your bracelet and divide it, using a pencil to mark it if you need.
2. Wrap a small piece of tape around the line.
3. Paint, paint, paint.
4. Wait for it to dry, then peel off your masking tape.
Note: Make sure you press the tape onto the wood so no paint can get underneath.

Cute huh? All you have to do now is match it with a pastel top and rock it. Here to a new life for old jewellery. Have a fun weekend.