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Things I’ve learned: On the Road

11 Mar

I’ve been wanting to share an important (and please take note – personal opinion) life lesson I learned while on the road for a while now, and looking back over some photos I took at the time I came to these important conclusions on life, well they inspired me to finally write it.

We found ourselves in a place called Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, and that place is just magic. For those who don’t know, this lake sits inside a circle of mountains and volcanoes. A long steep decent is required to get to one of the major towns that surround the lake, and trips over the water are the only way to access some of the quaint Mayan villages around the waters edge. The way the clouds sit over the mountains, and at times hover over the water, the way the sun sets in an explosion of colour each evening and the stunning and shocking combinations of colour that the locals wear, traditionally, of course, adds to and creates the magic of this place.

It was here that we were introduced to Mayan Families, a dedicated and multi-facetted NGO which supports the community and provides much needed help in this region. While Guatemala doesn’t have extreme poverty, there are many issues in relation to malnutrition, money and the general health of the Mayan population in these regions. Even though Lake Atitlan is over-flowing with NGO’s, more support is always needed. It was toward the end of our time in this area of Guatemala, and having taken into consideration everything that I had seen on our trip, and the people I had met, that I realised something very important.

How many of the people that I had seen on this trip were ever able to, or would ever be able to ask the question, “what do I want to do with my life”? How many of the tiny babies I’d seen and the children playing in the streets would grow up to choose the direction of their life and their work?  How is it fair that the situation they are born into determines their opportunities in life? Many of the people in this region don’t even speak Spanish, let alone English. By learning Spanish, a whole world of opportunity opens to them, and by learning English, even more so. Why do I deserve a bright future and not one of the many people I had seen here?

And so on reflection of these rhetorical questions, I realised how truly blessed my life is, how shallow all those Facebook complaints about the latest Australian election and the hard ships it may bring them were, and how angry it made me to hear others talk about their #firstworldproblems.

And so now I truly believe that if you are born into a household, society or a country that gives you even the slightest option and hope to ask the question “what do I want to be when I grow up?”, I believe you have a moral responsibility to not only do something great with your life, but to do something for someone who can’t ask that question. And these are not empty words – while volunteering is currently not an option, I know that financial support is always needed in so many places in the world and always try I put my money where my mouth is in an ongoing, sustainable way.

I guess all of this was just personal thoughts, epiphanies if you will, that only travel could hope to invoke in this wanderer.

20 Reasons I Love: Travelling

20 Feb

As things have started to slow and we relax into a routine again, my mind is often drifiting back to our time on the road, and where to next. There are so many amazing reasons to travel and so I wrote this – 20 things I love about travelling. I can hardly wait to get back out there…

1. Time to clear your mind
2. Meeting new people – we used Air BnB for our trip and met so many locals
3. Immersing yourself in history
4. (If travelling with someone) Making stronger friendships
5. New food discoveries
6. Crazy stories (like border crossings and overnight bus trips)
7. Learning new things – like Spanish
8. Watching movies and being able to say “I’ve been there!”
9. Forming your own opinions about a place
10. Seeing places in person that you’ve only seen in photos

11. Documenting your trip and looking back on it
12. Experiencing different cultures and their values
13. Gaining an understanding of other religions and traditions
14. Wandering ancient buildings and pondering on their original magnitude
15. Understanding cultural differences and why they are beautiful
16. Seeing interesting wildlife in their natural habitat
17. Waking up knowing exploring will be the only work you’ll do today
18. Having to think on your feet and sometimes fast
19. Creating new memories that you will treasure forever
20. Being in the moment

I hope you have been out there and made some memories for yourself. All these photos have been taken on our trip and you can see more over here.

On Posting, Pastels + New Products

4 Aug

It’s been quite around these parts, I know. For that I am sorry. You see things have been busy for me, but not in the usual way. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am fulfilling a life-long dream and travelling the world for while, indefinitely for now (and I couldn’t be doing this without my wonderful helper Tahlia – a massive thankyou to her). I’ve been writing furiously about our adventures over here, and as a result things have been VERY quite this side. But no less inspired or driven, let me tell you. No, I’ve been snapping so many colours and shapes, inspired by Italys landscape, and the buildings, oh my the buildings – the colours are insane. If you are on instagram, you should really follow along. I try not to give travel envy, and I mostly post things that inspire me, sometimes a #viewfromhere or two.

Back to being inspired, I’m feeling very overwhelmed by all this colour and inspiration and have finally found a way to channel it in the form of new products – yep there are a bunch of new earrings coming to a store near you (well maybe just my Etsy store for now).

Also, I think we might just have some kind of coupon for online purchases soon. I know – travelling the world has made me wild.

Lastly, while I might not post here often, I’ll try to post a little more reguarly. I sure do miss it over here. If you want to see more of me, head over to our travel blog.

New Things

17 May

As I posted about here a little while ago, things are changing. We are just 25 days away from taking the flight of our lives. We’ve decided to make a travel blog to share all the adventures we have along the way, which is just one of the many things I’ve been organising lately (the blog layout looks a little familiar huh?).

We’re also pretty excited about our last Melbourne market for a few years, so you should get down to Markit at Fed Square next Sunday if you can, say your farewells, because even though you can still get your So Little Time Co. fix on Etsy and at some of our stockists, we just won’t be around the market scene for a while. See you there.

So Little Time – So Much To See

3 Apr

I first went overseas at the tender age of seven – my family packed up our life in South Africa and flew halfway across the world for a better life. Since then, I’ve always had a broader understanding of life outside the box of Victoria, and have travelled to all sorts of places since then, and by my 20th birthday, I had been to over 20 countries. Extensive travel had always been part of my plan and since first starting uni I had always said, “When I finish my degree, I’m going to travel the world for a few years.” Uni started in 2007, 6 years ago, and so for quite some time I’ve been itching to announce it, but things just hadn’t been lined up until now.

So we are now packing up our lives, selling (almost) everything and going for as long and far as our savings will take us, and as of June we will no longer have a home address, but rather be living on the road. We are hoping this will last at least a year, if not two, and we hope to cover Europe, parts of the U.S.A, and as much of Central and South America. After that, who knows.

So the reason I’m announcing this here is probably pretty obvious. For a while, I had no idea what to do with So Little Time Co., but I knew I wanted to keep it alive. Keep coming up with new ideas and building up stockists as I travel around, with continual inspiration everywhere I turn. I had to ask myself “Could we really do that? Could we really travel and run a business all at the same time”? Well I’d like to announce that we will be attempting it, and that thanks to our teams growth (yep we’ve taken on some help), it might just be possible. You’ll have to bear with us as we sort out the logistics of it all, but I have high hopes for the new dynamics and am very excited to introduce our new team structure (more on that later).

We leave in June, and will be writing a blog on the road, which I promise to share, and would love for you to read. In the mean time, we’ll be appearing at two more markets for the rest of, well probably the next year or so at least, so make sure to pop past our stall this weekend at Finders Keepers.