Inspired by: Kish & Evie

25 Nov

I have always thought it a smart idea to surround yourself with smart cookies who inspire and challenge you, and despite being on the other side of the world, I try to absorb everything this particular lady has to say. She’s had a pretty instrumental role in some mental shifts I’ve made as part of my trip.

She goes by the name Karishma from Kish + Co. I posted about her once here, and once featuring her super cute scarf just here, but she just keeps on pushing and growing her businesses (plural guys) and brands to inspiring heights. And the best part is that she is one of the only people I know who lays it on the line – she says it like it is! If things are tough, she’s open about it, heck she even writes about it. She paints a real picture, rather than the pretty one most business woman seem to want to paint and to top it off, she still makes it look pretty. She is definitely at the top of the  “who I want to be when I grow up” list.

Check out her latest goodies (featuring her own mum), and I highly recommend scouring her blog over here for a serious pick-me-up or two.

Photos by Bianca Cash // Make Up by Victoria Martin // Scarves by Kish & Evie
  • Kish

    Wow. I am so completely blown away. I think you just made my year :)
    Thank you so very much gorgeous!! xxx massive lovin, Kish.

  • Tanvi

    Completely agree with you. She is quite fabulous.