Pinterest DIY: Valentines Day

13 Feb

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I’m so completely and totally inspired by the amazing things that people make, and now are able to share through Pinterest. I’m constantly pinning things and thought it might be nice to share my finds every now and then. How cute are some of these Valentines DIY ideas? I’m pretty sure I’ll be making those fruit roll up fortune cookies for my love this Valentines day.

In the spirit of trying new things – something I mentioned back here – I’ve got a board of DIY things I find along my inter-web travels, and am desperate to try – one of these things being the variety of paper flowers that people make. I’m still in a bit of a paper flower craze, needing to perfect it first, and have plans for a big wall of them or something crazy like that, but in the mean time I’m quite happy with my latest desk accessories. Love it or hate it, I hope you have a fun day tomorrow… whatever it may hold.

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