Top 5: Tasty Morsels

25 Jul

Everybody loves food right? And you can’t go very far without an amazing find in Australia’s major cities, but the problem is that if you love food, you already know most of the best spots to get your taste buds excited. Today my tips are all about some sweet spots to get some tasty treats that you may not have heard about…

1. Sweetness Mallows
I first discovered these guys at a farmers markets in Sydney. They are a patisserie in Epping, Sydney, but they also go to plenty of markets around the area. You can find out more here. They do all sorts of things, but I have to say their home made marshmallows are the sweetest most flavoursome morsels I’ve ever tasted. I highly recommend getting your hands on these.

2. Lady Bower
I live a fair way out of the city – boarding Zone 2 mind you – and when we first moved out this way I was rather disappointed to find that there was simply nowhere up here to get a nice coffee. That all changed when Lady Bower opened. They serve a 7 Seeds blend and their quaint little cafe, tucked away from the main street is sweet, well stocked with all things poached egg and their coffee is simple well done. A great place to stop for a quick takeaway.

3. Auction Rooms North Melbourne
You may have heard about this place already, but it’s more a particular item of food on their menu that you simply must try. Their Coconut-stuffed French toast, with tamarind caramel, vanilla crème fraiche and coriander and lime is just MOUTHWATERINGLY amazing. It’s $14.50, but if you like the perfect amount of everything on your French toast, it’s worth every penny.

4. Tea Leaves Sassafras
Have you been out there? Well if not, it’s just about worth the trip just on it’s own. It’s a tea lovers paradise out there, with floor to ceiling tea pots, cups, and the sweet aroma of a million different leaf blends floating in the air, you just have to get out here. That reminds me, I might just go and brew myself some Caramel Roobois that I bought from there last time, complete with real chunks of caramel just waiting to be melted.

5. The Bean Scene 
If you are ever heading to the Great Lakes, or through Gippsland area, make sure you stop in Warragul for the best flavoured coffee of your life. The Bean Scene are open most days (except Sundays), and if you are passing through, it’s worth the stop. They make the most amazing Toffee Nut cuppas, and their coffee is right on the money, oh and their macaroons are simply amazing. They brew the perfect cup every time.

So there you have it – my favourite, slightly off the map tasty morsels!