Top 5: Market Tips

27 Jun

I thought I’d start a new section on my blog where I can share some handy tips, because obviously I like to share (I mean I don’t write a blog for nothing). Hopefully it won’t always be me sharing my tips, but for now I thought I’d start with what I know, and what I’ve learnt. So here’s my top 5 tips for a successful market – being a stall holder not shopper (isn’t that the easy part?)

1. Start Small
I made my debut at Craft Victoria’s Craft Hatch, a GREAT market to start with. You can test the waters with your products, it’s a really relaxed day in a great location, it’s quite a short day (relative to the other bigger markets) and it’s well priced too. For my first market, I told all my friends to come along and shared on my new Facebook page for my little business and it was a total success. If you aren’t in Melbourne, you should find a small, local market to test your products and see how people receive it. I still participate in Craft Hatch now so it’s definitely worth having a good starting point.

2. Have a Variety of Prices
I hate talking money, but let’s be honest, you want to make some money from your wears. Most people go to Craft Markets with a few bucks in their pocket, looking to collect business cards, and a few small items to take home and call their own. I have all my products on display of course, but hands down, the cheapest items sell like crazy! I get a fair bit of follow up after the market through online shopping and that’s where the bigger sales come from, so it’s worth taking and displaying everything, but if you want to make money on the day, make sure where possible that you have some cheaper items available.

3. Price everything
I’ve heard this advice before, and yet so many stalls just don’t do it. I’ve found it myself – I’m often too shy to ask the price on a product, mostly because the stall holders are chatting amongst themselves and I suddenly get a strange attack of the shies. Even if it’s just a tiny label, make sure your customers can find it.

4. Pack a kit
In this kit make sure you have following for easy set up: Scissors, glue, masking tape, blue tac, pens, push pins, a small hammer, double sided tape, price tags, some paper and/or a notebook, business cards or someway for your customers to contact you, snacks and a buddy to man your table. Obviously I have these things on the list because I forgot them at one point or another. Best to learn from my mistakes!

5. The big markets aren’t that scary
I was chatting to a lovely stall holder at the recent Craft Hatch, and when I mentioned that I thought I’d apply for The Finders Keepers later this year, she seemed in awe and then totally nervous at my suggestion that she should apply too. If you’ve had a practise run at the smaller markets, give the bigger ones a go. If you’ve got great photos, have put a little heart into your application and are ready to make more stock that ever before, there is nothing stopping you, and your chances of getting in are higher than you might think. All you can do is try.

So there you have it. Go forth budding marketeers!

  • ellie from saturday lollipop

    Love your tips! Esp the pricing one. Shall price every item for my nextmarketbecause you are right, when I am a shopper I get

  • Jessie

    Great tips Kirsty!I would say another tip is don’t go prop crazy or be too worried about what everyone else is doing in that area. Just because,, for example, fake grass looks cool, it might not fit with your brand or product so it’s worth putting a little thought into it all. Your stall always looks amazing so clearly you are all over that!

    • admin

      ahh the fake grass! Yes definitely a good tip!!! Thanks lovely Jess :)